Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rika, asian young adult sim released

I made a story and female asian sim, actually one of the model I use to preview my skin, I deciced to polish and release her since I thought my new asian skin looks so well on her
get her on my sim model section.


  1. she's gorgeous, I've always admired this sim :)

  2. Can I just say that you are the reason I decided to buy the Sims 3. I was a huge fan of The Sims 2 and owned all the expansion packs and when they announced the Sims 3 I was pretty excited...until I saw how they would look. Disgust doesn't begin to describe what I felt, they looked like inbred elves and not sexy ethereal Lord of the Rings elves, I'm talking Santa's elves. So needless to say my interest in playing the Sims 3 was less than zero until one day when I accidentally stumbled upon an image of one of your skin sets. At first I didn't know for what game it was and then when I released that it was for TS3 and that this is what sims COULD look like my jaw was officially on the floor. Thank you thank you thank you for being so much better at making skin and sims than the actual people who get paid to make Sims games. You're the best.

  3. Expansion needed? My game is saying that is missing an expansion ...

  4. How and where do I get this skin? I just love it. Its so awesome.
    Thanks in advance.